the Atlas of Consciousness

We're sharing a vision for a new harmonious world through

purpose-driven media and

ground-breaking storytelling.


Film & Video Production

We collaborate with visionary & new movement leaders to bring cinematic ground-breaking stories to the world.

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Misty Mountains

the Atlas Emotions Series Podcast

A podcast which explores how our emotions ripple out, affect, and create our world.


The Atlas of Consciousness is a multi-media production company helping people to map their internal world & to support us all to see ourselves & our world in a new way. 

Through story-telling, we're aiming to create a blueprint for a new and harmonious world.

We collaborate with Conscious Leaders, New Movement Leaders, and Organisations on film and video to bring a deep, purpose-driven message to the world.

We create original Podcasts that share how our Emotions ripple out and affect this world.


We share original books & films and events here to Awaken our world to a new perspective.

- Ella


Ella Gibbins

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