the Atlas of Consciousness

We're sharing a vision for a new harmonious world through

purpose-driven media and

ground-breaking storytelling.


Film & Video Production

We collaborate with visionary & new movement leaders to bring cinematic ground-breaking stories to the world.

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Misty Mountains

the Atlas Emotions Series Podcast

A podcast which explores how our emotions ripple out, affect, and create our world.


New World 


The power to transform poverty, the climate crisis, and environmental destruction is within YOU. 

A new Atlas workshop which connects you to the power to transform our world's biggest issues.

Puple World Autism Awareness Facebook Ev

Us three trans humans (Cole Jones, Lily Harthaway, and myself) will be supporting you to navigate the very tricky territory of becoming your fullest self, understanding boundaries & communication with depth, and navigating the new Feminine Energy that is

now flooding the planet.


The Atlas of Consciousness is a multi-media production company helping people to map their internal world & to support us all to see ourselves & our world in a new way. 

Through story-telling, we're aiming to create a blueprint for a new and harmonious world.

We collaborate with Conscious Leaders, New Movement Leaders, and Organisations on film and video to bring a deep, purpose-driven message to the world.

We create original Podcasts that share how our Emotions ripple out and affect this world.

We hold workshops which unveil & educate as to how we have the power within (through our own inner harmony) to transform our world's greatest issues like poverty, climate change, and environmental destruction.


We share original books & films and events here to Awaken our world to a new perspective.

In 2021, I began my transition from female to male

- so you'll find much of the content here with

myself as a female (Ella). 

And as we move forward there will be ongoing

content with myself as Jude.

- Jude (Founder & Producer at the Atlas)