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Our passion is bringing your message to the Globe


The Atlas is the outward manifestation of my deepest passion - for film, photography, and stunning visuals coupled with the desire to connect with inspiring people from around the world. 

I've found that throughout my life I've been able to easily tap into the spirit, essence, or character of a person or project and convey that visually. 

I've had an 8 year career in film-making & cinematography because of this gift. 

My greatest passion, I've found recently, has been working with Spiritual Leaders - they inspire me and my own growth - and pull me into new ways of thinking of myself and how I see this world.


For this reason, I've felt hugely grateful to have worked with the people I have worked with. And if you're feeling connected with this work and message, I would love to work with you.


My passion is collaboration so I love working closely with people to bring their projects and ideas to life and to land exactly the message they wish to share. I'll also support you in tuning into the most powerful ways and places to share it,

and how to build your online community.

I've been creating the Atlas to support us all in a more harmonious way of seeing our planet. I very much believe we're all here to work together.

- Ella

Feel free to reach out to me if you'd love to collaborate.

And for more information on rates, packages, and possibilities, check out the

Pricing Page or feel free to contact me on the email below. 

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