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The Atlas Collaborations supports events, retreats, as well as making original cinematic pieces, documentaries, photography, websites, animations, and short films to share your story.


Feel free to take a look at the price list below to connect with what would work best for you. And feel free to buzz me to discuss out-of-Sydney shoots or additional gear hire. 


I am available for on-stage talks, presentations, blog and article writings, and channellings.

Feel free to contact me for rates on these services.


My on-stage talks reference my personal experience of moving from an Awakening which

brought forward a Psychosis, moved me through a personal healing journey, and into

stepping fully into my personal purpose in creating the Atlas and its projects. I share the

importance of emotions as our guide, our way to deeper understand our way forward, and

ultimately as the leader into our purpose.


I share ideas and experiences which show how it is not the personal versus the political, but the personal AND the political - every moment of our life is critical in our affectation of the global stage. Observations of our pains and our emotions enable us to understand every field of the globe from an energetic level and thus enable us to take the most aware action forward in resolving our global issues.


I am available to create a fusion of talks which include highly striking visual media in addition to my presence on stage.


My personal healing journey has inspired a Book of Emotions, as well as new insights in viewing our relationship with Time, Pain, Politics, and Science from the viewpoint of Metaphysics and Emotions.


I feel regularly inspired to write stories which are inspired by “Metaphysical Journeys” within which I am moved through a meditation and into another realm where I am granted new perspectives, insights, and ways forward on how we can view our relationship to business, money, and self.


It is through my experience of moving through Psychosis and my personal intuition that I am able to offer new insights and perspectives where we can view our global political and practical spectrum from the realm of emotions. I can offer new ways of seeing things to move us globally from a world of judgement and prejudice to a world of harmony, emotional awareness, and purpose.


My Metaphysical Blog:

Book Series:

Book of Emotions:


I regularly channel the Acturian & Pleadian Council. Both of which afford us new energies, support, and education - new ways forward in our relationship with animals, global finance, pain, and process.


My vision for the Atlas is to create an entirely new way to see the world - to create a 'new map' of consciousness. 

As a producer I have had the opportunity to bring incredible people together. I wish to do the very same with the Atlas bringing leaders together in events

which inspire a new way of envisioning the world. These events would fuse visual talks, ground-breaking stories, with delicious food, installation pieces, in beautiful locations. 

The aim being to support people by connecting them with incredible leaders across many sectors and stories of awakening which grant them the chance to experience this world in a completely different way. 

The Atlas is available to bring together these events based off the themes of understanding our emotional spectrum at a deeper level, understanding how the Awakening is affording new ways of seeing industries as mental health, and how these understandings re-shape the way we see our political and scientific spectrum. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.