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"We are passionate about sharing the most remarkable stories here to create a huge impact, define a generation, create a global conversation, & ultimately a vision for a new world."

Author Packages

We've tailored a package just for authors to get your core message, your essence, and your story shared around the world.


Why Video?

Video is now the most effective medium for

sharing your story & core message with a global audience.

It is quick, easy to share, and allows for a profound &

deep communication in a short space of time.

Great video establishes you as a global leader.

Video has been a huge door opener for our clients and collaborators.

We recently made a video called "A Man with A Voice" with Down Syndrome Australia on

Down Syndrome Advocate and Actor Gerard O'Dwyer.

















We posted it on our Facebook page and personal page and it went viral!

It was shared around the world - to major Down Syndrome Organisations,

to the United Nations, and has been shared across the world.

It supported both Down Syndrome Australia and Gerard O'Dwyer

with the global clout and connections to take the next and most powerful step,

as well as opening up doors to opportunity that may have not been previously open.

A powerful connecting device.

Great storytelling and cinematic imagery allows for a profound and powerful connection

to be made with your future clients and collaborators.

They immediately get a sense of who you are, can trust you, and a connection can be formed.

We guide and support you, also, to be on camera and to present your best self.

Core message.

We intuitively receive the most compelling, powerful, and

engaging core message for your audience.

This allows you and your story to be understood and shared easily & globally.

We recently told a story of Anthony, a man with Motor Neuron's ALS.

With only a few years to live, he wanted to use his last few years to convey

a deep sense of purpose.

The words "A Story of Life told from A Story of Death"

came to us and sent shivers down our spine!

That's what we're here to do - to capture the stories you have to share that

truly haven't been told before.

We'll support you all the way.

We're passionate about bringing your amazing ideas to mainstream audiences.

We'll collaborate with you to distribute your message

on the most effective and far-reaching platforms,

we'll support you to get clear on your key message and story,

and we'll support you to present your best self on camera.

To check out what's included in our Author Packages, see below.

Author Package

Media Package, $4000

We've tailored a package just for authors to get your core message, your essence, and

your story shared around the world.



1 two minute video  - valued at $2400

1 one minute video - Instagram Square - valued at $1200

1 half day photo shoot - 12 photos - valued at $850

Distribution - 5 key platforms - valued at $100

Resizing Photographs for FB banner, Youtube banner - Valued at $50

Optional Extras:

We also provide support to set up your social channels - $250

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