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The Atlas of Consciousness

is a book series of seven books redefining our relationship with consciousness, time, pain, wealth, reality, climate, and communication. 

The book series acts as a kind of 'User's guide to new consciousness' utilising info-graphic-like visuals to help clarify new concepts which fuse ideas from the fields of science, spirituality, and art.

The aim of the book series is to help move readers from limitation to freedom by making clear how energetic principles such as physics and emotion fuse with everyday life.

excerpt from 'physics & wealth'

It’s judgement that creates poverty - self judgement.


Judgement creates powerlessness.


What you’re healing yourself from is the cause/the root of self-judgement.


But when you choose to stop judging yourself, you are witnessing your full wealth - 

that is how wealthy you already are.

excerpt from 'time & biology'

Time is simply perceived and thus conceived.


Time is perception - this is the key piece to focus upon. 


Time is biology. The amount in which you are able to ‘focus your perception’ is dependant on the clarity you have within you which is, of course, dependant on your physical state so very often. 

This Book Series

aims to ultimately share the power of influence we all have in our day to day energetic responses and actions over our global climate.

And so is intended as a springboard or a bridge to begin sharing these ideas on a global scale - between spiritual leaders, political leaders, and scientists.


The basis is to share how physics is emotion.


In sharing this series in book form, online animation, TV series, or

through global presentations storytelling will also be focused 

upon to help bridge our understandings between fields.


This series also contains (as its 1st book) an 80 page

 Conversations with God style Q & A with my higher self on how 

spirituality can begin to fuse through and with politics. 


This first book of this series is to be published 

within the next two years. It is aimed at those developed in their spiritual journey and seeking to ground spiritual concepts.

in Talks with the Soul (Higher Self Conversations)

What is my true self? 

Purity. Love. God. The Being that Is. Understanding. Guidance. Acceptance. Truth. Oneness. Infiniteness (which as you know is all encompassing) so you are it all.


How is that  the case – tuning into other worlds? 

Because it is all an essence – it is a stream – one body that flows within itself effortlessly so as you harmonise with your planet you allow your planet to harmonise with its greater galaxy which continues to harmonise with the greater versions of the universe. So you’re bringing your earth into accord with its greater place with nature which is its place in your soul. 


What about why I’m here? Why I chose to be here? Where was I before? 

To be all that you are in the most essential sense (you know this, you can see this). Earth gives its occupants a chance to work on an unprecendented scope – strong souls who (up for the challenge) truly seek the essence of their being and in being truly pushed to their uppermost limits – find it and find it and find it in ways that makes the universe bask in its own beauty and yes impress the occupants of other worlds! You earthlings are wonderful creatures who remind us (and yourselves) of how strong we all really are – we can withstand and create all and anything and for this we love you with all that is and thank you with all that is. 

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