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My name is Jude Ella and I am the founder and producer of the Atlas of Consciousness.

The Atlas of Consciousness was founded in 2017 and hopes to bring clarity, freedom of mind, empathy through pain,

and guidance towards greater purpose.

Its aim is to act as a bridge toward understandings of higher consciousness & the building of a New harmonious Earth. 


It has been borne from my own pain felt through my Awakening journey. I personally moved from a deep Psychosis, through healing, toward the development of ideas and projects which have been the formation of this company.

In 2021, I transitioned from female to male, and found this to be a 'second awakening' as I deepened my connection

to my heart and my personal spirituality. 

You will find much of the content on this website with the original credits of myself as a female as Ella Gibbins.

And as we move forward you'll be seeing more and more new content through myself as Jude.

For the last 12 years, I specialised in cinematography and filmmaking, bringing to life unique and extraordinary projects and concepts

bearing highly emotional and striking visuals. 

You can view my past film-making work here:

The Atlas is my contribution toward a new structure, a new map of a more conscious earth. 


It is on a quest to make inner emotional landscapes external and visual.

It is my hope to communicate through the Atlas that despite the backdrop, despite the beliefs, or the terrain, we all share one truth. 


If you would love to support with a donation or sponsorship, feel free to contact me or to donate below.

Any donations will go back into the Atlas to develop all its projects, concepts, productions, and ideas.

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