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New World



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This workshop (over 10 weeks) is a catalyst for a New World. 

By enacting the DEEPEST CHANGE in yourself, you enact the deepest change in your relationships, the constraints,

and structures which surround you.

It is for world leaders, global conflict advisors, environmentalists working across all sectors, particularly climate, scientists, activists, and politicians. 

YOU have the power within you to transform even our largest issues like poverty and even the climate crisis.

It is through the transformation of your own energy.

An intimate understanding of how your energy creates, affects, and builds your own personal, political, and environmental ecosystem is what is needed. 

This workshop will support you with this understanding.

Also, how universal principles of harmony & chaos ultimately conduct our Earth.

It is  your change to harmony within, that creates your most potent change to our planet without.  

This is how we ultimately create the new globe: individual by individual - through our pure alignment to our true innermost selves.

Contact us below for upcoming workshops.


- Belonging

To create our new home without, we must find our new home within. We must find our own personal sense of belonging, protect, love, and cultivate this. Our new home of belonging arrives as a result of this inner cultivation.


- Chaos & Harmony

War is a consequence of the conflict between who you know yourself to be and the self-judgment that resides within you. 

Holding an intimate understanding between the principles of chaos & harmony, navigating and harmonising that inner self-judgment, is what ultimately neutralises and transforms war.


- Justice

What is real power? It is that which we know within us: alignment to our Source in love. We are all born with the compass of inherent awareness of true justice - that is that which is fair, true, and loving to all. 

How far from our compass have we strayed?

True power is having the courage to stay aligned to that compass, despite the reflection of the outside world. And true justice is creating systems and structures built around universal fairness & hope.

4.CLIMATE (Environment)

- Truth

The environment and climate within which we live within is a reflection of the truths we are living personally and as a civilisation. 

To cultivate a transformed environment, we must first ask the question, are we abiding by our innermost truth? If not, the shame, guilt, and disturbance we hold reflects and is experienced as pollution, disharmony,

and broken weather systems.


- Poverty & Wealth

We hold infinite wealth within each of ourselves, infinite prosperity, and the true and real access to a new truly prosperous planet.

But we experience deprivation as we choose to believe elsewhere, in systems or belief systems that betray this prosperity. 

To reach a ‘New World’ and a ‘New Globe’, prosperity and deep self-love must be cultivated within, this then ripples out and transforms the people whom surround us and the structures, systems, and the bodies within which we all ultimately inhabit. 

The ‘New World’ arrives as a consequence of the ‘New and True You’ you have found within yourself.

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