the Ecosystem


The Environment & Ecosystem we live within is an expression and reflection of the truths in 

which we are living. 


Every thought we think, every action we take, every belief we have has an impact on the ecosystem of Earth and Humanity which surrounds us. 


Our own personal relationship dynamics are a macro-cosmic reflection of our whole. 


So our most potent and powerful work for the globe is to focus upon transforming the energy and 

dynamics of the relationships which directly surround us. 


In the Emotions & the Ecosystem Talks and Workshops we learn together how our personal emotions, energies, and perspectives in our personal lives have significant impact on our globe and we act to transform them into a truly deep alignment with our grandest unifying purpose. 


These talks are for environmentalists, those deeply interested in reversing poverty or supporting deep freedom in our planet, how the personal meets the political, or those simply interested in accessing a deep alignment to truth & core purpose.


In this series of Talks & Workshops we rewrite our globe and our relationship to it by rewriting our own 

personal perspectives and shifting our emotions deeply. 

Harmony & the Ecosystem | A New Home, A New Earth | Time As Perspective | Climate & Judgment | War & Peace: 

An Inner Landscape | Creativity & Psychosis | Real Communication & Connection | Control & Freedom: An Energy | Power & 

Control: A Redefinition | Justice & Power | New Light, New Energys, New Worlds | the Energetic Ecosystem |

the Environment as an Expression of Our Truths



Ella Gibbins


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