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A new series of events sharing..

transcendent tunes, a starry set-up, &

 ground-breaking ideas here to bring forward a new and harmonious world.

New Earth Nights is a new event brought to you every two months where we will be sharing talks, live podcasts, Q&As, and workshops with New Earth Leaders.

They’re here to help us tap into our own innate inner wisdom, build community, and to ground a New Earth from the inside out.

Each event will have themes that share on how we impact our personal worlds, create our wider world, and how we can create anew.

Themes like: Animal Communication & the Natural World, the New Economy, Justice & Power, and Healing & the New Health Care System.

These talks are for pioneers, spiritualists, environmentalists, artists, and anyone interested in creating a sustainable, new, and hugely prosperous planet.

What does your New Earth look like? What’s your personal vision for a New Earth? And how can we bring that forward?

We’re here to get the conversation and the movement going.

Tickets are $25 + booking fee and available here:

New Earth Nights #1:

“Leading from Inspiration”

There’s a new vision for this Earth emerging that we’d love to share with you - that this Earth is a Land of Creation and you are the pioneers of creating this new world. 

A new version of the world has to first come from you and your inner guidance. Together we create a new world collective of conscious change-makers living their purpose.

We’ll be sharing the “Land of Creation” - a film to shift our perspective. 

As well as three talks, Q&As, meditations, and group workshops to ignite that inner guidance, tap into your New Earth vision, and how to bring it forward. 

Grab some dinner beforehand as we’ll only be providing some light snacks and tea.


Our Three Speakers:


The Atlas of Consciousness | Film-maker  

“Turning Psychosis into Big Creativity and the new Land of Creation”

Ella has been a professional film-maker working with some of Australia’s biggest artists for 10 years. Three years ago she had an Awakening experience and experienced Psychosis, which showed her how our thoughts create our reality. 

Over the past 3 years she’s transformed and healed that big energy into pure creativity and a production company sharing New Earth ideas with this world. 

She’s here to support you in transforming your own pains into huge creativity.


Art Director | Film-Maker

“Play, arts and crafts” 

Kavi has been working in film and events for 10yrs as an Art Director / Producer. She has put creativity at the forefront of her career path as that’s what helps her thrive. 

She grew up with spiritual beliefs and has been on a soul journey of finding what feels right in her heart for her whole life. 

Using her experience she will be showing why it’s so important to keep play a big part of our lives.


Inspiration Coach | Healer

“Living from your Inspiration and the gift in challenges with Anneke Van Kyuk”

Anneke is an Unconditional Love Healing Practitioner skilled at holding space and guiding you to love and release your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs to empower you into an inspired future.

Anneke is here to support us to go deep to find the gold of your experience; the gift in our challenges. 

She’ll also lead us through a guided meditation to tune into your vision for a New Earth.