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New Earth Nights is a new series of events where we share talks, live podcasts, Q&As, and workshops with New Earth Leaders.

They’re here to help us tap into our own innate inner wisdom, build community, and to ground a New Earth from the inside out.

Each event will have themes that share on how we impact our personal worlds, create our wider world, and how we can create anew.

Themes like: Animal Communication & the Natural World, the New Economy,

Justice & Power, and Healing & the New Health Care System.

These talks are for pioneers, spiritualists, environmentalists, artists, and anyone interested in creating a sustainable, new, and hugely prosperous planet.

What does your New Earth look like? What’s your personal vision for a New Earth? And how can we bring that forward?

We’re here to get the conversation and the movement going.

The first one, "Leading from Inspiration" with Anneke Van Kyuk, Kavi Jarrott, Solmaz Jahangir, and Ella Gibbins was held in December 2019.

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