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Living by the Clock: A New Way to See Time - Nature's Time

There is a new perspective and way of seeing time emerging and it is through the eyes and the perspective of energy.

Nature speaks in energy. Nature speaks in feeling. Nature speaks through the body.

Time is actually about worthiness, it is about the way we feel about ourselves and is very much a bodily process.

Time is About Worthiness

The speed of time relates actually to worthiness: that is the more you step into your own worthiness, the more you accelerate time - as you truly believe you are deserving of an outcome, so it must manifest.

I’ve found myself asking for ‘work’ or ‘a job’ and bumped into an old colleague half an hour later or received a message from a collaborator within days as I truly found myself letting go (just enough) of the need to have it, so it arrived.

I’ve found, over time, it truly is not about the physical place you are in but about the energetic space you inhabit because time is all about feeling, it’s about how you feel in your body.

Time is a bodily process.

Your body is the call sheet to your life and there is significant power in listening to your body and the vibration it is outputting.

Belief is about deservingness

In my personal journey I’ve found myself in ‘the waiting game’ - waiting for an outcome to manifest.

I’ve learned that the only real ‘speed’ is the speed of your belief systems - the speed at which you truly feel yourself to be deserving of an outcome and not in a battle with yourself or reality.

I recently had a dream where I heard the phrase “what is so unnatural about evil is it’s nature fighting itself.”

There is a huge significance in this phrase because it allowed me to uncover a belief that I was in a battle with - the belief in death or the belief in evil.

I ended up playing out these beliefs in my life. I ended up often making choices that were not my highest excitement as I simply wished to “stay alive”.

What felt most exciting to me was not dying.

I first was believing I would die if I followed my highest excitement, then found myself in a battle with this belief.

Whilst I still believed in ‘death’ or ‘evil’ I would move slower through time because within my body I had to manifest situations which were mirrors of this internal battle with death, dieing, or evil.

As opposed to clear or clean situations which were simply receiving my preferred outcome or my highest excitement in mirror form.


These negative beliefs (in death, dieing, or evil) were actually the burden as they made me forget who I truly was - magic manifest.

I was ‘waiting to feel magic’ versus recognising it is ‘not about hope - magic is who you are.’

Magic is who you are.


What ‘the right timing’ is about is about inhabiting the right energetic space, inahbiting this space of potential or 'openness to magic'.

It isn’t about ‘time on the clock’ but about how much time you want to spend in an energetic space of bliss: recognising the Power in Simplicity and what you are putting out in this moment or truly asking for through how open or closed your body may feel in that moment.

With this understanding of the power of your moment comes clarity, simplicity, and ultimately quicker manifestations and a sense of flow - the real way we feel time.

A New Way to see Time - Practicality

A helpful way to approach this new way of seeing time - through the eyes of energy - is to see life through the eyes of belief systems and structures:

   ~ if situations or circumstances feel incongruent in your life - how are your beliefs meeting the same beliefs of those people or situations?

   ~ what are you energetically putting out in this moment?

   ~ Is it energetic simplicity “I’m so grateful to feel appreciated” or are you perhaps in battle with subconscious beliefs you hold and so experiencing that mirror in reality?

As your movement and experience of time truly is about your own feeling of deservingness or worthiness - time really is all about your own process and those that are around you will consistently be adjusting or responding to the pace at which you move - that is the pace of your own energy and beliefs.

In this case it is not fair to compare: everyone is in their own process, on their own clock, which acts in accordance with their own emotional growth and their own body.

Our Conversation with the Universe

We are always in conversation with the universe - in meditation we receive the ability to listen to what you or your body have been saying to it.

Nature’s natural language is energy and nature sees you and speaks to you from a place of non-judgement.

So to develop a closeness with your energy and your greater universe (as if a partner) allows you a deeper and deeper atunement to your moment, a deeper and deeper atunement to your most self-loving and compassionate self.

It is this atunement with your moment that allows for true balance - you are able to truly examine your walls and waves of feeling - your balance within thus achieves an ability to receive balance without through the acute observation of what you are exactly outputting.

And precision in energy is all about a balance of your own feeling.


True faith takes time

The true journey through time is about our own inner sense of worthiness or deservingness - based on our feeling state.

This journey into deservingness is what takes the time - whilst we may have an expectation of ourselves, as we feel ourselves to be truly worthy of it it can manifest - it is ‘visible in our vibration’.

The real walls of reality are very much about the way you feel about it. That is what ‘holts time’ (ie. creates stagnation) or 'speeds up time' is what you feel about a situation, a circumstance, or yourself.

And you find that this is time’s true evolution: as you evolve through time and deeper into a sense of deservingness, time strips away - more synchronistic events occur, easier ways of doing things, and more meaningful and deeper connections and ideas.

The experience of these are all a reflection of a deeper access you hold to yourself.

It is your deeper access to yourself - that is what is transcending time.

Time moves fast when you’re having fun

Through being yourself, embodying that true faith in simplicity and your greater connection, you allow for your greater connection to emerge through you - the information that wants to emerge through you in this simplicity is that which your greater connection knows and is that which transcends time.

And so it’s true - time really does move fast when you’re having fun - energetically and physically!

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