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the Economy of Harmony

There is a new economy emerging and it is the Economy of Harmony - an economy which starts from within - where our value and our focus is placed within our inhabiting of ‘the state of Harmony.’

Within this new economy this frequency of harmony is the structure of our business and personal lives and where others who reside in harmony experience life. We all experience a deep sense of belonging within this frequency as this is where we all naturally belong.

Our lives adopt a ‘musicality’ as our focus is upon feeling fully in harmony; fully in union with our hearts, spirits, and bodies - where the flow of masculine and feminine energy truly works in unison.

This Economy of Harmony acknowledges the vital place of forgiveness, renewal, and the true belief in being supported. As we unite within ourselves these disparate elements, our outside world comes together also.

And we learn the important lesson of returning to the powerful state of Grace (no matter where our physicality) as this is our powerful place of receiving, where all aspects of our lives work in union.

Our New Earth is just an Earth of Harmony.


Producing is more an act of Music than an act of Economy

God’s natural frequency is the frequency of ‘harmony’.

I have been learning that producing a peaceful and an aligned life is all about playing ourselves and our lives from a place of harmony and in line with what causes us harmony.

At the beginning of this month, the statement ‘Producing is more an act of Music than an act of Economy’ came to me - I found it intriguing and it deeply sparked my curiousity.

It made me consider the importance and vitalness of ‘harmony’ in music (and the harmonising of an orchestra); I considered that same impact of ‘harmony’ within my life as a vibrational being: as I played my life in harmony, so I would receive a ‘harmonious life.’

I focused my awareness upon moving more and more in line with activities, experiences, and perspectives which brought me harmony each day.

I imagined my life as a musical instrument and considered how as I played a particular note (or read emotion or state of being) of say happiness or sadness, that note is sent out into the universe. And that ‘state of being’ returned in like-frequency back to me.

To play the ‘state of being’ of harmony was to receive the ‘sound’, the ‘frequency’ of that state (and every experience which reflected that) back in return.


As my month began, I became aware that the Frequency is the Structure.

I had dreamt of aligning with a peaceful life - a life where I felt stimulated by my work, curious, and deeply valued; as well as inhabiting a healthy and happy home.

I began valuing tasks such as practicing the piano or meditating in the middle of my day (which returned me gracefully to that state of harmony).

And, remarkably, as I would allow space for those easy or playful states of being - I would receive new and exciting insights to grow my business and multiple deep and remarkable project ideas which lived at that same frequency of depth, excitement, and space.

The Frequency of Harmony was building my life and attracting more of itself into my life (aligned projects, ideas, resolutions, and evolutions of my life) at that same Frequency.


A life in binary or a life in Union?

But as my month progressed, I found myself in deep conflict.

I was calling for the infrastructure of a team to support me in building a successful company alongside of me, but what I instead faced was the reality of financial and structural hardship.

I found myself ill-equipped to financially take on a team, unable to find the editing support I needed, and structurally unable to cope with my work load (a triple-edged sword!).

Within meditation and within my dream-state I was calling for (and began receiving) answers:

I was drawn to looking upon the parts of my gender, my sexuality, and my body that felt disconnected or not in union.

The statement came to me:

A life in binary or a life in Union?

True harmony is about the masculine and the feminine energies working in unison.

+ Masculine energy is the intention.

+ Feminine energy is the flow.

Growing my business and growing my life was about having a balance of the two: knowing when I was to take action and when to sit back.

I began learning that grounding the intention of a life of harmony (aligned projects, days, financial resources) was a journey of deepening the unity within my body.

And to recognise when my masculine side would ‘force’ things out of fear.


I had to learn that ‘I am truly enough.’


Forgiveness & Renewal

As my nights (and my thoughts) became more increasingly unforgiving, I began considering the idea that the manifestation of a financial struggle was an act of violence in my state.

It was a re-instatement of a history of violence now played out in my financial life.

One particular night I asked why I found myself in such hardship: struggling to find the human resources and the financial support that I needed to remain in my harmonious state (to not feel so over-worked, under-slept, and in financial struggle).

In a dream I heard the words,

“turn toward God, turn inward toward yourself.”

This statement was remarkable and was a pinnacle turning-point. I ended up writing down every situation and person I had not forgiven, where I felt isolated, alone, or judged and recited the words, “I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you.”


I felt the intuitive hit one morning soon after to go for a run across a majestic bridge and during that run I found myself in deep meditation underneath its remarkable structural pylons.

The meditation was a personal deep healing session which showed me a reality I had been playing out my whole life, coalescing in the last three years, of feeling deeply unsupported and unloved for who I truly was.

As I felt the conclusion of the healing I looked up and felt the immensity of what these lessons were all about: about the building of a bridge and the creation of the vital and powerful ‘pylons’ of infrastructure that I needed:

That feeling of feeling truly supported internally (my foundational support) which would reflect externally as the support I needed to build a successful production company.


I’m coming together (so the outside world was coming together)

I truly began to unite once again and learned we’re saying it all with our body:

God matched in energy - energetic union or energetic discord.

As I had believed and lived within the energy of lack of support, so I had created it.

I had learned once again of the powerful space beyond self-judgment and truly that life was not about trying to get to another place, but to be more of where I already was.


The New Earth is just an Earth of Harmony

Building a New Earth from the frequency of harmony means ‘seeing’ a unified vision and holding an intention to align with that - structurally and culturally.

In our personal lives the Economy of Harmony starts from within us and starts with the real choices we are making - to transcend the histories within our bodies and to choose union.

- what puts us in congruence, in harmony, in wholeness in our whole bodies is our next step in our business, in our marketing, in our life

- to move beyond the words to the feeling and beyond the feeling to the space (beyond self-judgment)

- to feel what feels right, exciting, natural, and aligned to you (and not forced)

- to set an intention and just ‘be’ in the present moment with what is here - that’s what truly gets things done

And it is also about knowing:

the Universe is supposed to work in Harmony.

Harmony is the place where the universe synchronises.

It is also the place; the frequency, where everyone belongs:

+ everyone belongs within their own harmony; within their own harmony everyone has the experience of belonging


Life was about returning to the state of Grace - the powerful state of Grace

My real ‘job’ was to keep myself within harmony and to allow myself that powerful space to return to grace and acceptance in those experiences of discord - feeling supported was the vital missing piece to truly being able to feel that harmony within my body.

Over the month I learned to value the questions:

- What will put me in harmony in this moment? What act in this moment will create more space within me in my body? What sets my heart free?

+ I practiced frequently ‘the state of creation’ as I learned that creation is my state of receiving, of being in harmony.

+ I granted space for myself to clean when in discord (as it relaxed me, took my mind off my discomforts, and brought me back to my centre space).

+ I began meditating during the middle of my day (which re-aligned me with my frequency of harmony and granted space for new insights for the second half of the day).

+ And I recognised the value of feeling truly supported to be able to live and truly maintain that life of harmony.


I recognised that this new economy (driven by frequency) takes into account the entire body and the way that it feels.

As my body felt truly good and in that relaxed state of harmony (supported in my love, passion, and peace) - so I was able to attract other opportunities at that same frequency.

And as I came together in harmony, an aligned editor materialised into my experience on a shoot I was on (without me searching for her) which eased my work load greatly.


I recognised that every aspect of my life worked in union; nothing was mutually exclusive.

This is the New Economy of Harmony:

As you’re allowing yourself to inhabit (truly & fully) a frequency of harmony, you get a life structured for you in harmony (where you do less & feel the true support of receiving more).


And for more on my experience with 'the Economy of Harmony' check out 'the Atlas Emotions Series' Podcast below:

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