Your limiting beliefs are what are making you feel financially stuck

A few years back I moved through the mental illness Psychosis. I healed myself rapidly through this illness by tuning into my body every day for a year for 2 hours and asking my body

what limiting beliefs caused this crisis? 

I healed so much faster through clearing my beliefs and deep meditation than the time it would have

taken using traditional medical techniques.


I learned of the huge wisdom my body contained within itself that well surpassed what was available in my external society, and also felt like I had found a secret technique

to transform my whole reality no one knew about. 

I realised that what also caused financial, business, and creative stuckness is simply

limiting beliefs stacked upon each other. 

As I've tuned into my body and focused my vision I've transformed huge wounds into huge creativity, possibility, and so many creative projects of which I feel truly proud of.


I've also learned to see financial abundance, prosperity, and energy in a profoundly different way to how I have been raised by tuning directly into this deep well of wisdom within me.

I've learned it "isn't about moving money, it's about moving energy."

I felt inspired to create a wholistic program for spiritual entrepreneurs and visionaries that supports an upgrade in every aspect of your business.

Because the experience of your business in its fullest form is a two-fold thing: it's the way you perceive yourself and your business and also the way you receive clients with platforms which truly tune into and channel your energy and channel a sense of community. 

With platforms that feel amazing to experience and truly channel you, those you are here to support will really get a sense of you and your deep potential connection moving forward.


This program will support you in shifting your perception, your mindset, and revamping your platforms so every platform feels like a meditation - as well as the potential to shoot beautiful

video or photography to share your story.

A part of me knows I'm here to support people from around the world in transforming some truly dark situations into the most powerful and potent businesses of unity, huge creativity, prosperity, 

and light as is the journey I have walked.

I just keep thinking - how dramatically would the world change if we were truly just supported to tap into the deepest creativity, possibility, purpose, and financial freedom available within us all?

So I feel so honoured and excited to move through this transformation process with you guiding your business to its highest vision and your mindset and reality to its most potent and powerful flow.

In this 6 week program you can choose to mix and match any of the below options.


Feel free to reach out to me any time to discuss what possibilities work best for

your business' growth and your personal transformation.

6 week Personal Guidance

(Vision focus & clarity, channelling, meditations, daily support)

Your story on Film 

(Professional quality documentary tuning into

the essence of you & your story)

Facebook, Insta, Pinterest 

(Every platform a meditation)


(Your website an elegant meditation!)

Youtube Intro/Outro 

(Professional Intro/Outro, Support in developing Youtube Channel Ideas, Youtube Support)

Self-healing & Support Materials 

(New ways of viewing our Energetic Economy & Finances,

Daily Meditations, Tools, Practices, Support)

Professional Photo Shoot

(Profile and website imagery)