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[ Stories of Awakening ]

These are stories of Scope.

Scope of the human soul.

Scope of the internal planet.


Scope inward. Reflected



Stories of Awakening is a documentary 

TV series of 11 episodes for distribution on platforms as Netflix.  


It travels around the world sharing the stories of 11 souls who have had huge ‘stories of scope’ - awakenings which have brought themselves deep within the darkness and projected them far into the light.


The power of this series lies in the remarkable souls and their journeys toward ‘one truth’. They share their stories in distinct voices, against distinct experiences, contrasting belief systems, and many disparate backdrops.


The depth of journeys travelled are explored against beautiful and harsh landscapes. External landscapes are painted as 

emotional and internal emotions painted as a landscape to explore. 


It’s a documentary series aiming to connect our world, share how we are all one, and do it with flavour-filled

colour and style. 

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