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Our Projects

(that need some love & support)



The Book of Emotions is a visual poetry book which redefines our emotions as philosophical & interconnected.

It was my guiding light through Psychosis teaching me love is an ecosystem found in each moment, freedom is in the imagination, and purpose is directly connected to emotion.

We would love to raise $25,000 to pay for professional illustration, publication & printing, & distribution.

More info on the Book of Emotions HERE



My Story of Awakening is the true feature-length cinematic podcast narrative of my journey through the mental illness Psychosis, into the Awakening of a deeper reality, a deep connection to the Universe and a union with my heart.


It will be a unique and immerse new experience with a rich 8D audio soundscape and pop-culture music that will make you feel inside the audio experience.

The result, upon listening, is an Awakened human - and an awareness of just how powerful our minds are to alter our entire reality around us, as well as the power of the

pursuit of our hearts.

We would love to raise $50,000 to contribute to professional sound design, mixing, music licensing, and production.



Emotions &

the Ecosystem


Emotions & the Ecosystem is an 11 part webseries that shares cinematic visual poetry to support us to redefine our relationship to our ecosystem.

As we transform our emotions, our ecosystem

transforms around us.

This webseries has the power to transform the awareness of our world and will be shared globally

across the internet.

We would love your support to raise $70,000 for professional production, animation, music,

and distribution.

Check out the teaser HERE





At the Atlas we're excited to run new online events designed to be a catalyst for a New World from within, produce more book series that are here to transform yourself & your world from poverty to wealth, and just generally share the love across greater global audiences.

We would love your support to raise $30,000 to contribute to the growth of the Atlas, its productions here to support you with new education & self-awareness, and its people.

we'd love your support

We have a big dream to shift the consciousness of our greater Earth into a place of higher awareness and a deep connectedness, and from this place to begin to re-create our Earth anew - from a place of true harmony.

We're passionate about reversing our big issues and we know that it all starts with education and Awareness.

So at any given time we've got a whole slate of projects ready to get into production. We work with professional crews, producers, and New Movement leaders to create high quality projects with a powerful and deeply connected message.


We're excited to shift our culture, and build a global community in a ground-breaking & unique way.

If you'd love to support us in creating this big shift, donate below.


All donations will go back into new Atlas web shows, books, and events which will support us

all to transform ourselves to transform our world.


Click here to check out some of our upcoming projects.


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