what we do

We're here to help us all build a New Earth - an earth of harmony and connectedness.

We believe our world's largest issues (poverty, climate change, environmental degradation, and inequality) all start

from within and the most powerful thing we can all do to transform our world is to understand

our own emotions deeply and to grow our own Awareness.

And we make media to help you do that (podcasts, films, tv, web shows, and books).

We collaborate with New Movement Leaders & create original shows & podcasts that support you to see this Earth (and yourself) in a new way. And we offer tools to support you to shift yourself into this new harmonious place.


we'd love your support

We have a big dream to shift the consciousness of our greater Earth into a place of higher awareness and a deep connectedness, and from this place to begin to re-create our Earth anew - from a place of true harmony.

We're passionate about reversing our big issues and we know that it all starts with education and Awareness.

So at any given time we've got a whole slate of projects ready to get into production. We work with professional crews, producers, and New Movement leaders to create high quality projects with a powerful and deeply connected message.


We believe we've created a truly unique model to support the creation of a New Earth,

we're excited to shift our culture, and build a global community.

If you'd love to support us in creating this big shift, donate below.


All donations will go back into new Atlas web shows, books, and events which will support us

all to transform ourselves to transform our world.


Click here to check out some of our upcoming projects.



Ella Gibbins


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