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JUDE ELLA | Founder, Producer

Jude Ella has been a professional film-maker, producer, and cinematographer for 12 years.


After experiencing a Spiritual Awakening through the mental illness Psychosis, Jude was inspired to create the production and multi-media company the Atlas of Consciousness which produces purpose-driven videos, podcasts, and books which help us all to ‘see ourselves and our world in a new way.’ 


It aims to share 'a vision for a new harmonious world through ground-breaking story-telling.'


Jude has made videos for companies such as Down Syndrome Australia, the United Nations, as well as for Conscious and New Movement Leaders, with one of his videos being viewed over 60,000 times. His podcast ‘the Atlas Emotions Series’ Podcast which shares how our emotions ‘ripple out, affect, and create our world’ has a global reach of over 2000 people.

Jude began his transition from female to male in 2021.


As a young female cinematographer, Jude worked as Ella Gibbins for artists such as Rufus du Sol, Vera Blue, and Baker Boy which won Jude Gold, Silver, and Bronze at the Australian Cinematographer’s Society awards and an Aria Nomination in 2019 for ‘best music video’.


His unique story of gender transition has also contributed to a personal deep understanding of the imperative balance between the feminine and masculine aspects of our world and the need for harmony, balance, and equality within greater society, which he believes is vital and critical to our world at this present time in history. 

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