the Art of

Life Mastery

A workshop about Mastering Your Life

through Energy, Emotions, & Consciousness

The practice of grounding your big visions of consciousness is much like the practice of mastering an art form or mastering being a creator.

Except in consciousness what you are working with is energy and emotions.
In this masterclass I support you in grounding your vision through understanding that in life the paint pallet you are working with is your emotions - your colours: pain to love.

There is a gift in perfect alignment with your greater vision available in every life situation and I support you with tools and techniques to support you in connecting with that gift.

Your “home tone” and natural frequency is also what connects you with the greater vision for the whole. It is what unites you.

This is where your deepest purpose and connection lies - in your home frequency accessed in your present moment.

My name is Ella Gibbins, I’m a film-maker of the past 10 years and have had an entire production company burgeon through my personal transformation of the mental Illness Psychosis into huge creativity and
a life of my dreams.

My company grounds films and ideas which are here to share visions of the experience of a New Earth, as well as collaborates with New Earth Visionaries.

I’ve pulled myself out of some of the darkest situations and limitations first in healing through Psychosis, controlling relationship dynamics, and constricting states in my body, and transforming these into incredible new relationships, totally new friendships, new bold and magical experiences, new understandings and practices with my mind and body, a new dream home, and more and more aligned work that lights me up and makes me feel proud to create each day.

And largely how I did it was by referencing my experience in mastering the art of cinema through time, wisdom, and experience.

In this workshop I share my journey, my learnings, and support you in accessing that part of yourself here to ground your own Master Life.

- Ella Gibbins


Sat 20th Feb 2019


10am - 5pm