The Book of Emotions is a visual book of writings which re-frame how we interpret our emotions. 


It poetically defines emotions as interconnected, powerful, and philosophical in nature. 


It takes us on a journey from fear, through love, and into purpose and was guided by my own healing journey from Psychosis. 

The Atlas of Consciousness makes original short films designed to awaken a new perspective within our consciousness. 


The Land of Creation is a personal story told over grand visual landscapes which shares how this world is, in fact, a ‘land of creation’ and the souls within it are strong enough to transform pain into deep creativity and creation.

This piece is currently in post-production. 

How do you see God? From the perspective of fear or the perspective of love?

How you see god colours your worldview and is the lens through which you see the world. 

This micro-short film encourages us to ask ourselves this question.

Through the Atlas I share original ideas about how our emotions create and inform our surrounding ecosystem and how we can build a new way of seeing earth first from within.

First with a podcast "the Atlas Emotions Series" (where I also interview spiritual entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ideas for a new earth).


And through a new webseries "Emotions & the Ecosystem" taking key ideas from the podcast and creating 11 visual pieces to be shared across the net.

These are stories of Scope.

Scope of the human soul.

Scope of the internal planet.


Scope inward. Reflected



Stories of Awakening is an 11 part documentary TV series

which documents with artistic flair the stories

of 11 people from around the world who have

delved deep within themselves and ascended far into their light.

This documentary shares that despite our differing

terrains, ethnicities, and and backdrops, we share one truth.

A book series of seven books redefining our relationship with consciousness, time, pain, wealth, reality, climate, and communication. 


The book series acts as a kind of 'User's guide to new consciousness' utilising info-graphic-like visuals to help clarify new concepts which fuse ideas from the fields of science, spirituality, and art.


The aim of the book series is to help move readers from limitation to freedom by making clear how energetic principles such as physics and emotion fuse with everyday life.